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Correlation of Cerebral Palsy and The Drug Pitocin

Correlation of Cerebral Palsy and The Drug Pitocin

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July 25, 2011


Cerebral Palsy is a non-genetic condition, which can be caused by trauma in the womb before birth, the actual birth, or even in early childhood, that limits physical movement and activity, and hinders proper development. Many children suffer from this horrible condition, and one such child is Briana Beaver.


During her childhood, Briana had many hang-ups from her condition, but she specifically recalls one incident in a ladies bathroom in Chico, California. One day Briana found herself lying on the floor inside the bathroom stall, unable to make any physical movements to unlock the door. As she lay on the floor sobbing, unable to move, she saw many women enter and exit the bathroom without aiding her in the slightest. Eventually, Briana was found by her mother, Faelin Klein, who came to her rescue. She also made a point and chided every woman in the bathroom for ignoring her traumatized little girl. Briana is presently 23 years of age and still suffers from Cerebral Palsy.


Even through her condition, she has attended a university, and is closing the college chapter of her life with a degree in sociology. But Cerebral Palsy still affects her life in every area. Chiefly, Briana is not viewed by the world as an average, normal girl. Instead, she is perceived as a burden, and “the girl with the disability”. Her community does not see her for her sense of humor, intellect, or as a woman who has hopes and dreams of being a wife and mother someday; but no, she is labeled as a disabled burden. In desperation for answers about her condition three years ago, Briana stumbled upon startling information. Approximately one hour after she was born, she stopped breathing for five minutes.


She found this to be a result of the drug Pitocin, which was used to induce her mother’s labor. She web searched “Pitocin and Cerebral Palsy”, and found that the two are very closely related-Pitocin being a catalyst to Cerebral Palsy. Her research led her to over five hundred cases similar to her own, and a plethora of information referencing the life threatening risk of using Pitocin. This discovery also led her to birth injury lawyers that had expertise on cases involving Pitocin and Cerebral Palsy correlation. Briana claims that her Cerebral Palsy was a result of medical malpractice, and that it’s not a coincidence she was born that way. She would have been a perfectly healthy child were it not for the irresponsible use of the drug Pitocin.


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