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Yaz Lawsuit News

Yaz Lawsuit News (4/9/12): Women who took the birth control Yaz should know that a Yaz Lawsuit is a possibility for those who developed blood clots while taking this drug. The FDA has discussed safety issues of Yaz and other contraceptives containing drospirenone for almost a year now. The most recent communication regarding the FDA-funded study of the birth control and blood clot connection led some to pursue Yaz lawsuits. Best Legal Source is a trusted company that helps injured parties find qualified attorneys for cases such as the Yaz Lawsuit. If you would like to learn more about the Yaz Lawsuit, please fill out our contact form or call us at (800) 611-7080.


Yaz Lawsuit Info:

In October of 2011, the FDA announced a continuation of their safety review regarding a potential increased risk of blood clots with the use of Yaz. The Yaz Lawsuit news is especially pertinent to those who suffered serious conditions created by blood clots such as pulmonary embolism or deep vein thrombosis. A Yaz Lawsuit could help you recover funds spent on costly hospital visits. Calling Best Legal Source is an easy way to find knowledgeable Yaz Lawsuit attorneys to represent you.

Our mission at Best Legal Source is to help the victims of drug companies who were not properly warned. We use the terms Yaz Lawsuit and Yaz Lawsuits descriptively and do not intend to imply that we are connected to the manufacturer of Yaz, Bayer. Yaz Lawsuit is a general phrase and is not meant to confuse the public. To reiterate: Best Legal Source is not the maker of Yaz. We seek to connect victims of this product with Yaz Lawsuit attorneys.

A Yaz Lawsuit might be a possible option for you if you developed the serious conditions mentioned above while taking a birth control that did not properly warn you. FDA panels have since urged the makers of Yaz to include stronger warnings about the risk of blood clots. Make Best Legal Source your first call when looking for a Yaz Lawsuit lawyer. We know the legal and medical business and will find you the best, possible representative for your potential Yaz Lawsuit.

Yaz Lawsuit:

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