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Yaz Recall

Yaz Recall News (4/11/2012): There is currently not a Yaz Recall in place, but you have the option of researching legal options regarding a possible Yaz lawsuit. If you’ve had issues with the contraceptive Yaz, you may be wondering if a Yaz Recall will potentially occur. You can check for Yaz Recall information by going to the FDA website. The news Best Legal Source wants to share that it is not necessary for there to be a Yaz Recall in place before you consider filing a lawsuit. If you’ve experienced permanent damage to your health after taking the drug Yaz, you can contact an attorney and discuss your options with them. Best Legal Source can help get you connected with a lawyer and can give you information regarding a potential Yaz Recall. Fill out the form to the right or call (800) 611-7080 to speak with a member of the Best Legal Source team.


Yaz has been at the center of some controversy due to the safety reviews placed by the FDA. There may be questions concerning a Yaz Recall because some consumers have had serious health complications after taking Yaz. The most severe side effect that could potentially lead to a possible Yaz Recall is the development of blood clots and complications caused by blood clots. While we are unaware of any definite Yaz Recall being in place, there has been an FDA release concerning an increased risk of possible blood clots after taking birth controls like Yaz that contain drospirenone.

The terms Yaz Recall and Yaz Recall attorney are used generally and should not be taken to mean that Best Legal Source is connected to the manufacturer of Yaz. Best Legal Source serves to give you more information if you have questions about a potential Yaz Recall.

If you are concerned that Yaz may be responsible for your blood clots or blood clot symptoms, call Best Legal Source. We will get you in contact with an attorney who is familiar with the possibilities of a Yaz Recall case. Remember, it is not necessary for a Yaz Recall to be in place for you to pursue a lawsuit against Yaz. Call Best Legal Source today for more information.



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