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Pradaxa Lawsuit News

11/02/2012 Pradaxa Lawsuit News:  The Pradaxa Lawsuit Hotline at (800) 611-7080 continues to receive calls from individuals who suffered bleeding events linked to Pradaxa. Many of the callers are family members of individuals who experienced fatal bleeding events that have been linked to Pradaxa.

Pradaxa Lawsuit News

Pradaxa Lawsuit News

The number of fatalities resulting from bleeding events related to Pradaxa may be much higher than originally thought. This may be due to the fact that many of the fatal Pradaxa Bleeding events are a result of internal bleeds. It is very possible for an individual to suffer from an internal bleed and be unaware of the issue for a period of time. Once someone suffering from a Pradaxa Internal Bleeding event does realize they have a medical issue and seeks medical attention it could be too late.

Because the known antidote for bleeding events that works with other drugs in the same class as Pradaxa does not work for Pradaxa bleeds, medical personnel are presented with an added difficulty. Once someone suffering an internal bleed related to Pradaxa presents at an emergency room or other medical facility, the medical personnel must first establish that the individual is using Pradaxa. Once this is established, the medical personnel will know that they cannot use the known antidote that works to help stop bleeds by other drugs like Pradaxa.

In many cases the only option to stop an internal bleed may be surgery however, if someone suffering an internal bleed while on Pradaxa it may not be possible to perform surgery to stop the bleed. If a person taking Pradaxa has already lost a significant amount of blood due to internal bleeding, the additional blood loss that would occur during surgery could be fatal.

These complicating factors are most likely one of the reasons that the number of Pradaxa Lawsuits due to death, is much higher than many experts anticipated.

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