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Pradaxa Lawsuit Settlement Update Pradaxa Side Effects Lawsuits News

Pradaxa Lawsuit News Release

Pradaxa Lawsuit News Release

01/18/2013 Pradaxa Lawsuit Settlement Update: We have received reports that the judge Presiding over the Pradaxa Lawsuit Multidistrict Litigation, which is often referred to as the Pradaxa Class Action Lawsuit, is encouraging the Defendant, Boehinger Ingelheim as well as plaintiffs lawyers to move to move towards settlement talks as soon as possible.  There are still many victims of Pradaxa Bleeding events and family members of individuals who suffered Pradaxa Deaths that have yet to file a Pradaxa Lawsuit. The beginning of Pradaxa Lawsuit Settlement negotiations would not prevent those who have a cause to file a Pradaxa Lawsuit.

Pradaxa Lawsuit Lawyers still accepting cleints.

Pradaxa Lawsuit Lawyers who file Pradaxa Lawsuits on behalf on individuals and families of Pradaxa Internal Bleeding victims are still accepting clients as the time limit to file a Pradaxa Lawsuit has not expired for most indivusals with a Pradaxa Side Effects Lawsuit claims. Use the contact form on this site or call the toll free number to arrange a free legal consult with a Pradaxa Lawsuit Lawyer about your potential Pradaxa Lawsuit.

Pradaxa Lawsuit Commercial Marketing Claims

One sticking point for the defendant in the Pradaxa Lawsuit settlement talks may center around Pradaxa Lawsuit Commercial Marketing Claims. Many Pradaxa Lawsuits allege that the maker of Pradaxa engaged in false and misleading advertising by claiming that their product was superior to Coumadin and other competing products. These false and misleading marketing claims are generally secondary to the primary claim in Pradaxa Lawsuits which is based on the allegation that the maker of Pradaxa failed to adequately warn the public of the risks associated with Pradaxa.

Pradaxa Side Effects and Risks

The Pradaxa Side Effects and risks that Pradaxa Lawsuits are based on are not the fact that Pradaxa makes those who use it more likely to suffer severe internal bleeding and external bleeding. The Pradaxa Side Effects that the maker of Pradaxa allegedly failed to give adequate warnings about are based on the fact that Vitamin K, which counter acts the anticoagulant effect of other drugs similar to Pradaxa, can work as a bleeding antidote for those drugs. Unfortunately, Vitamin K does not counter act the anticoagulant effects of Pradaxa and does not work as an antidote for Pradaxa related bleeds. Pradaxa Lawsuits allege that the manufacturer had a duty to warn doctors and the public about the fact that their was no antidote for bleeding events for patients taking Pradaxa, especially in light of the fact that an antidote does exist for bleeds in patients taking drugs like Warfarin, that have been on the market for years and treat the same conditions as Pradaxa.

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