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Vaginal Mesh Lawsuit News Report and Trial Update

Vaginal Mesh Lawsuit News Report

Vaginal Mesh Lawsuit News Report

01/25/2013 Vaginal Mesh Lawsuit Trial Update: Early reports indicated the first Vaginal Mesh Lawsuit trials underway against Johnston and Johnston are not going well for the medical device maker.  Other makers of Vaginal Mesh Implants have already faced their first jury trials and the outcome was seven figure jury awards in each of these cases.   Johnson and Johnson as well as other  Vaginal Mesh Implant makers already face a large number of  Vaginal Mesh Lawsuit cases and more are expected to be filed.

Vaginal Mesh Complications Resulting in Vaginal Mesh Lawsuits

The complications with all of the Vaginal Mesh Products are similar. Vaginal Mesh or Transvaginal Mesh Products are used to treat pelvic organ prolapse.  Pelvic organ prolapse occurs when an organ in a woman’s pelvic  region moves from its normal position or prolapses. The most common reason women under go vaginal mesh surgery is to repair a bladder prolapse that results in urinary incontinence.  As a result of the fact that vaginal mesh products are often used to treat bladder prolapse, the products are often referred to as bladder slings. Another common term used to describe Vaginal Mesh Products is “Transvaginal Mesh Products” as they are surgically implanted in such a way as to transverse the cavity beneath a pelvic organ and provide a “sling” to support the organ.

The problem that has arisen with many if not all vaginal mesh implants is the fact that they often become detached and can cause severe lacerations or blockage by migrating to another part of the woman’s pelvic region.  These vaginal mesh complications can lead to severe injury and even death. Vaginal Mesh Lawsuits are based on the injuries and deaths suffered  by women who have underwent vaginal mesh surgery to have a vaginal mesh implant placed in their body.

Who can file a Vaginal Mesh Lawsuit?

Any woman who has suffered a severe injury as a result of complications with a Vaginal Mesh Implant may be eligible to file a Vaginal Mesh Lawsuit. In addition, families members of women who have experienced fatal injuries as a result of a Vaginal Mesh Implants may also be eligible to file a Vaginal Mesh Lawsuit as a result of the loss of their loved one.

For information on filing a Vaginal Mesh Lawsuit, you may use our attorney contact hotline or fill out the contact form on this page.

For additional information and news on Vaginal Mesh Lawsuits, please check back regularly.

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