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ADAO to Honor US Senator Baucus of Montana

Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO) will honor Senator Max Baucus of Montana for his efforts on fighting against the use of asbestos on behalf of the Lincoln County resident-victims.

The Tribute of Hope Award will be presented at the seventh Annual International Asbestos Awareness Conference, which will be held in Atlanta, Georgia. This is in recognition for Baucus’ efforts to build a public health emergency designation in Libby.

In a statement, Baucus noted that he was humbled by the recognition and was grateful to the people of Libby for their courage and resilience amid an outrageous tragedy. He added that he also admires the efforts of such organizations like ADAO and other concerned group all over the country, saying that these groups have worked so hard in order to keep the public aware of the impact of asbestos and help the victims fight for their rights after being exposed to the harmful materials.

Baucus helped fund the health care and cleanup campaign for the victims in the widespread deaths and illness brought by excessive exposure to asbestos at the defunct W.R. Grace and Co. mine. In addition, he also helped save the Center for Asbestos Related Disease clinic and urged the Environmental Protection Agency to secure the place from possible asbestos cancer risk.

Baucus also passed a health-care reform law to assure the residents of Libby and Lincoln County an access to high quality health care benefits. As a result, victims of asbestos exposure began getting care under Medicare in the spring of last year. Baucus said that he aims to assure his constituents will get the necessary compensation after being exposed to these toxic substances.

State Government Approves $5 M Quarry amid Asbestos Threat

(January 24, 2011)
Report said Monday that a $5 million mine operation near Orange, New South Wales was approved by the state despite concerns about asbestos.

According to the report, the New South Wales Planning Department has agreed on a deal set by a company named as Hanson Construction Materials to extract thousands of tons of basalt at East Guyong for the next 30 years.

In June 2010, a concerned group initially appealed on the development application, citing the impact of the quarry to the health and environment. They said that the economic benefit must be weighed against any threat to public health. In a statement, they said that quarrying operations can undoubtedly support industry. However, encouraging these developments must also respect and protect the interests of local residents.

Despite a series of protests, authorities still approved the quarry, which they say can create up to thirty-five jobs for the next thirty years. Deputy General of the department said that several conditions have been placed on the development application. The mining company was required to relocate the infrastructure at least five meters away from the area that contained the tremolite, a member of silicate minerals used as asbestos. This material is toxic and by simply inhaling the fibers can lead to asbestosis, asbestos cancer and mesothelioma.

Meanwhile, local residents are now currently protesting the approval, saying that it is a devastating outcome for neighboring landowners. They argued that the mining company and the government did not ask for any consultations with the people living around the area. They said that the conditions placed on the approval will not protect the landowners from the toxic fibers. They added that the government must reevaluate the approval and consider the lives of the people that may be affected by the toxic fibers.

Duncan Leads Spurs’ Win over Knicks

Tim Duncan led San Antonio Spurs to win against New York Knicks, ending the game with a score of 101-92 Friday night.

According to the report, the 34-year old Duncan scored 21 points, 16 rebounds, eight assists and five blocks. It was the eighth consecutive win of Spurs.

Tony Parker, on the other hand, added 21 points and 13 assists as the Spurs avenged one of only six losses this season. In an interview after the game, Knicks forward Amare Stoudemire said that they played a little low Friday night. Reports said that Stoudemire’s night summed up the Knicks struggles. He scored 18 points on a dismal eight-of-25 shooting and had his streak of 20-point games snapped at 26.

Meanwhile, it was also the Spurs 17th straight win at home court. The team played 12 of its next 13 on the road. Spurs Coach Gregg Popovich said in a separate interview that Duncan and DeJuan Blair played fantastic on Amare. Blair scored 18 points and 13 rebounds in his usual agile fashion. Blair went eight-of-12 from the floor, driving layup with 5:44 left on the clock.

On Wednesday, Blair led the Spurs to a victory over Toronto by scoring 22 points. Parker said in an interview that he admire Blair for getting the right timing on running to the basket. He added that he love playing pick-and-roll with Blair. Meanwhile, Spurs’ two top reserves may not be able to play the next game due to injuries. George Hill sprained right thumb while Matt Bonner missed his third consecutive game due to a sore right knee.

Eating huge breakfast tends to eat larger meals all day, study finds

Researchers from Germany found out that people who eat big meal of breakfast also tend to eat bigger meals all through the day.

Researchers from the Technical University of Munich in Germany also said that people who ate big breakfast in the morning influence how much they eat later on that day. However, other studies also found out that eating huge breakfast will make it easier for an individual to eat less at lunch and dinner time, which German researchers disapproved.

The recent study was released in the Nutrition Journal. The researchers claimed that eating less during morning will contribute largely to weight loss rather than eating huge meals. The team assessed 380 persons for two weeks and observed the changes. Some participants ate huge breakfast meals, while the others ate small meals and some do not eat at all their breakfast.

In addition, the study also discovered that despite of how much was eaten in the morning; it had small behavior on how much an individual ate later on that day. According to Dr. Volker Schusdziarra from the Else-Kröner-Fresenius Center of Nutritional Medicine, the findings of the study explained that individuals that ate the same amount in their lunch and dinner, in spite of what they had for breakfast.

For an instance, a huge breakfast of 400 calories in the morning bigger than a little breakfast meal resulted in an added increased of calories content by almost 400. The team also noted that when a person ate a huge breakfast meal, they skipped a middle snack in the morning which did not make up for the amount they eaten later in that day.

Bubble Ball: hottest free iPhone apps by 14-year-old boy

An iPhone application created by Robert Nay, 14-year-old eighth-grader “Bubble Ball” tops Apple’s iTunes store for free games list.

In the past two weeks, Nay’s creation, has become one of the hottest free smartphone apps worldwide as it knocked out the “Angry Birds” in the top place. It recorded more than two million downloads in a short period of time.

Nay said in a statement that he was pretty astonished about the success of his creation. He added that when the game was released, he did not think that it will do so well as one of the hottest free application on iTunes store.

Kari Nay, Robert Nay’s mother, said that like of the typical teenagers, her son does enjoy playing games with his friends on their iPods. It was Robert’s friends who influenced the computer whiz to build a game of his own.

The free game was launched under Robert’s production company, Nay Games. According to Kari Nay, her son is the one who created the concept and wrote more than 4,000 lines of codes for the game on his own for about six weeks, with a minimal assistance from her on the puzzle’s design in the game.

Moreover, Robert noted that he enjoyed the turnout of his work, and admitted that somehow, the features of his own favorite games from iPod became a part and inspiration of his own creation. He also admits that it was not always as smooth sailing as he wants it to be.

He said that there are some times that he felt like asking to his self if people really seriously do things that seemed so impossible to do. However, there were times that he has the feelings that he can actually do that impossible thing.

America to March in Honor of Martin Luther King Jr.

Reports said that America is set to march Monday to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s holiday in his honor.

According to the reports, the events are scheduled around the United States to pay tribute for the prominent leader in the African American civil rights movement, who was best known for his hope, sense of justice and quest for equality.

In a statement Sunday, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar noted that a monument in King’s honor is currently under construction on the National Mall of Washington. He said that the cenotaph will represent the works of the late civil rights activist. King became the youngest person to receive a Nobel Peace Prize for his dedication to end racial discrimination through civil disobedience and other nonviolent means in 1964.

King was assassinated on April 4, 1968 in Memphis, Tennessee and given a national holiday in 1986. In 1994, the Congress designated it as a national day of service. President Barack Obama said in an interview that he planned to spend the day by participating in service project in Washington, together with his wife Michelle. In a statement, the US President encouraged every American to observe that day by volunteering in their own communities’ projects.

Meanwhile, reports said that Martin Luther King III, King’s son, is scheduled to deliver a speech in the memorial of his father at Atlanta’s Ebenezer Baptist Church. According to the news, a march for jobs and justice was scheduled to begin at the monument site and end at the Lincoln Memorial.

Toyota Adds New Vehicles to Prius Family

Toyota Motors revealed the Prius family of vehicles at the 2011 North American International Auto Show.

Toyota already introduced the current third-generation Prius and Prius Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle. Aside from this, the company introduced new models in the iconic hybrid brand. They added the new Prius v midsize hybrid electric vehicle and the Prius c Concept vehicle. The introduction of new models to Prius family broadened the appeal of Prius to all ages and to all kinds of lifestyles.

According to reports, the expansion of the Prius family will surely increase the acceptance of people to hybrid cars. The new evolution of vehicles will surely be accepted by the consumers after the introduction of new Prius models. These vehicles contain same core values of high fuel economy, proven technology, low emissions and environmental stewardship.

According to Bob Carter, Toyota Division group vice president and general manager, this kind of family is not like the other care families. He said that is a modern family with a Prius for everyone. He said that the new Prius v is an all-new dedicated hybrid vehicle. He added that all the future cars of the Prius family will be the same as Prius v. All the Prius hybrids will share attributes of one another but they will be unique and will have a special appeal to the consumers.

Since Prius was introduced in the market in the year 2000, the Prius midsize liftback already made more than 955,000 sales in the U.S. The third generation Prius, which was introduced in the market in June 2009, continued to bring the heritage of hybrids as low emission and exceptional fuel economy type of cars. It is considered as the third best selling Toyota passenger car in the United States.

Verizon Wireless to invest $3 B to $5 B to finance Apple’s iPhone

According to analysts, Verizon Wireless may invest $3 billion to $5 billion to finance the customer acquisitions of Apple’s iPhone this year.

The company is set to the iPhone this month after waiting for four years. However, the spending may also cut into the company’s income. The biggest wireless carrier in the United States will announce that it is getting the gadget at an event today in New York.

Moreover, Verizon also plans to put it in the market later this month, a person familiar with plans of the company said. John Hodulik, the UBS AG’s analyst, said that as the smart phones will aid the company to add more subscribers this 2011 than competitor AT&T, at present the exclusive carrier for the iPhone in the U.S., it will also gather income.

The analyst also said that Verizon may trade 13 million of the iPhones with a projected $400 funding this 2011, which will add up to a sum of $5.2 billion. Hodulik added that they will essentially write consumers a $400 check. He also rates the shares of its parent company, the Verizon Communications, as neutral and does not own them.

On the other hand, James Ratcliffe, the Barclays Plc’s analyst in New York, Verizon, which is based in Basking Ridge, New Jersey, will trade no less than nine million iPhones this year and with a funding of almost $350. That will add up to $3.2 billion in 2011.

In addition, Marquett Smith, the spokesperson of Verizon Wireless, refused to say anything regarding on the possible funding. Operators of wireless compensate companies like Apple one price for a phone and then trade them to customers for less to encourage individuals to fill-up their form for service contracts for two years.

Green Bay Packers Wins over Philadelphia Eagles

Green Bay Packers won against the Philadelphia Eagles in an NFC wild-card game Sunday, ending the game with a score of 21-16.

According to the reports, the 27-year old quarterback Aaron Rodgers simply threw his hands in the air after Sunday’s victory, saying that he was so proud of the team.

This was the Packer’s third straight win in an elimination game after a victory against the New York Giants on December 26 to stay alive in the playoff race and beat Chicago last week to secure a playoff berth. The sixth-seeded Packers will be fighting against the Atlanta Falcons for a divisional playoff game Saturday. The Eagles, on the other hand, got within 21-16 when Michael Vick sneaked in from the 1 with four minutes left on the clock.

Philadelphia stole the ball back at the Packers’ 34 with one minute left on the clock. According to the reports, the 30-year old quarterback Vick completed passes of 28 yards to DeSean Jackson and 11 yards to Cooper before he threw the interception from the 27. The Eagles has been the talk of the NFL after the team decided to give Vick a second chance, which result in a sensational comeback victory against the Giants on December 19.

However, an unexpected defeat against the Minnesota on December 28 cost the team a chance at a first-round farewell and a chance to enter a SuperBowl. In an interview after the Sunday’s game, Vick admit that he got greedy and took a shot at the end zone, talking about his last pass. He said that it was a wrong move for him and that he has to learn from it.

Trans-Alaska Pipeline Closes Indefinitely, Spokesperson Says

A company spokesperson said Sunday that Alyeska Pipeline Service, a trans-Alaska pipeline, will remain closed indefinitely until they have cleared the leak discovered Saturday.

Michelle Egan, the company spokesperson, said that they have already contained the leak and is now focused on bringing back the operation as quickly as possible. However, with several scenarios to consider, the company said that it may be indefinite when to bring its operation back.

According to the reports, the leak was discovered on Saturday morning at a North Slope pump station, coming from a section of below-ground piping encased in concrete next to Pump Station 1. Work began on Saturday afternoon and was able to clear about 90 percent of the leak on Sunday. Reports said that almost five percent of normal production was cut from the North Slope.

Meanwhile, a coordinator for the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation said that their team is currently underway for working on the spill. In addition, they said that there were several scenarios to consider, including bypassing the leak with temporary piping. They said that the area where the leak occurred is complex, and since it was underground and was encased in concrete, there is no easy access on the exact location.

Egan said that they will be watching for any additional problems that may occur such as icing in the line, which may impede the machinery when the pipeline is returned to normal, causing another shutdown. She said that this shut down has already caused disruption on their operation and another disruption may relatively damage their operation so they will have to watch to that very carefully.