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Incivek Lawsuit

Incivek Lawsuit

Incivek Lawsuit

02/21/2013  Incivek Lawsuit Cases are being investigated and filed on behalf on individuals who received the Hepatitis Drug Incivek and Later Suffered from severe side effects.  The FDA recently issued a warning which linked Incivek to potentially fatal skin conditions including Stevens Johnson Syndrome and Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis.

If you or a family member were prescribed Incivek and suffered a severe skin condition or rash that required medical attention, please contact us today to consult with a lawyer about your potential Incivek Lawsuit.

Why are Incivek Lawsuits Filed?

The manufacturer of any product, including drugs, is responsible for the safety of their product. In the event that a product like Incivek has certain inherent risk, the manufacturer of the product is obligated to warn potential users of the product of those risks. Failing to warn of potential risks associated with a product gives rise to “Failure to Warn” claims. Failure to warn claims are likely to be made in Incivek Lawsuit cases.

Although all product manufacturers are responsible for warning potential users of their products of risks associated with their product, this responsibility is esspcially significant with drugs and medical devices. In order to gain FDA approval to market a prescription drug like Incivek, the manufactuer must engage in testing, trials or other research to demonstrate to the FDA that their product is effective for the purpose the intend to market the product for. When seeking FDA approval a drug maker is also responsible for identifying potential side effects and risks associated with their product and report these potential risks and side effects to the FDA.

Who is at risk of severe Incivek Side Effects?

Anyone who took the drug Incivek is potentially at risk of suffering from severe Incivek Side Effects. Incivek is used in the treatment of Hepatitis C. Patients that suffer from Hepatitis C, often have compromised immune systems and are more likely to develop infections and other medical conditions than an otherwise healthy person. The manufacturer of any drug is responsible for taking into account any preexisting conditions of the likely potential users of their drugs. A preexisting condition such as a compromised immune system is certainly a condition that should be taken into consideration when marketing a drug or seeking FDA approval of a drug.

How much will it cost to file an Incivek Lawsuit?

If you contact our toll free number or use our contact form on this page, you will have no out of pocket expenses if you work with our lawyers to file your Incivek Lawsuit. Our lawyers work on a “fee contingency basis”. This means that you  pay no legal fees up front and you pay no legal fees during the course of the Incivek Litigation. Our lawyers only get paid if they win or settle your case. The legal fees our lawyers collect are based on a percentage of how much financial compensation they recover for you, so they have every motivation to collect as much for you as possible from your Incivek Lawsuit.

The phone call is free and you will pay nothing out of pocket to file an Incivek Lawsuit. If you were injured by Incivek, you have much to gain and nothing to lose by contacting us today.

Incivek Wrongful Death Lawsuits

Due to the fact that some of the side effects of Incivek can lead to deaths, some Incivek Lawsuits will be filed by family members of individuals suffered fatal Incivek side effects.  If your immediate family member suffered from side effects of Incivek that led to their death. You have  our deepest sympathies.

To file an Incivek Wrongful Death Lawsuit due to the loss of a loved one, contact us today. Immediate family members may have the right to file an Invicek Lawsuit and collect damages for the expenses the family incurred as well as other financial and non-financial damages related to the death of their loved one.

What happens once I file an Incivek Lawsuit?

Once you consult with one of our lawyers and it is determined that you have cause to file an Incivek Lawsuit, the legal process can being. One of the first steps in the process of filing an Incivek Lawsuit will be to obtain the medical records relevant to the injuries caused by Incivek.  Ones the medical records and other evidence needed to file the Incivek case are collected. Your lawyer will prepare the “complaint” or lawsuit which will be filed with the proper court against the defendant or defendants. The most likely primary defendant will be the maker of Incivek.

Once the Incivek Lawsuit Complaint has been filed, the defendants will have a time period to answer the allegations or claims made in the complaint. This time period can range from 20 to 30 days on average depending on the court in which the case is filed.

Once the defendant has answered the allegations in the complaint a “discovery” process will being. The discovery process allows the plaintiffs lawyers and the defendant’s lawyers to engage in asking questions, requesting documents and engaging in other evidence collection. The discovery process occurs outside of the court room and is intended to allow the parties involved in the case to obtain the evidence needed for their case from the opposing party without taking up valuable court room time.

During the period of time between when an Incivek Lawsuit is filed and it goes to trial or settles out of court, the lawyers from both sides can make motions and file other legal documents with the court. Most pre-trial hearings during a typical civil lawsuit do not require that the plaintiff actually be present. Most pre-trial matters that go before a judge only require the presence of the  lawyers representing the opposing parties.

Will there be Incivek Lawsuit Settlements?

It is too early in the Incivek Litigation process to predict if the defendant will offer out of court settlements to individuals that file Incivek Lawsuits. Although at this point in time it can not be predicted with any certainty whether or not there will be Incivek Lawsuit Settlement offers, the vast majority of all civil lawsuits do settle out of court. From a statistical standpoint, it is likely that you will never have to go to trial on any given lawsuit.

Incivek Lawsuit News

The FDA only recently issued changes in the Black Box Warning for Incivek, so the Incivek Lawsuit is in its early stages. If you or a family member  took Incivek and suffered from severe side effects, there is no reason to wait to start the process of filing an Incivek Lawsuit.

There is a time limit for filing all lawsuits and this includes the filing of an Incivek Lawsuit. The time limit for filing an Incivek Lawsuit can be effected by many factors. If you already know that you were injured by Incivek, there is no reason to wait to being the legal process toward filing your Incivek Lawsuit case.


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