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Yasmin Birth Control Lawsuit Information

Yasmin Lawsuit Information

Yasmin Lawsuit Information

Yasmin Lawsuit 05/23/2011: The Judge in the Yasmin Lawsuit Multi District Litigation in Illinois has granted Bayer a third extension of time to attempt to settle as many of the thousands of outstanding Yasmin Birth Control Lawsuits it currently faces. Judge Herndon, the presiding Judge, seems to be giving Bayer every possible chance to settle as many of the Yasmin Lawsuits as it can before a trial begins. Even though the Yasmin Lawsuit is in the middle of settlement negotiations it is not too late to file your own Yasmin Lawsuit if you took Yasmin and had a blood clot related injury. Contact us today to arrange a free consultation with a lawyer about your potential Yasmin Litigation.

Yasmin Lawsuit History

Yasmin and other similar birth control pills were touted by Bayer has being a new generation of birth control pills that would have less side effects than previous birth control pills. The major change in Yasmin and other birth pills was the addition of a new ingredient, Drospirenone. Interestingly enough it is this very chemical that has now been linked to blood clots and related injuries and has resulted in a wave of Yasmin Lawsuits being brought against Bayer.

The current Yasmin Lawsuit was not the first issue Bayer has had to face over Yasmin and its other birth control pills containing Drospirenone. The FDA has taken previous actions against Bayer for off label marketing of some of its birth control products. Off Label Marketing is the practice of marketing a drug for a purpose for which it has not been FDA approved. Off Label Marketing is not allowed by the FDA. Ironically, the additional sales generated by off label marketing will likely result in additional Yasmin Lawsuits as women took Yasmin who may not otherwise have taken the drug if not for the off label marketing. Women who were prescribed Yasmin for off label uses and experienced a blood clot related injury are just as eligible to file a Yasmin Lawsuit as women who took Yasmin for its approved indication. In some cases additional claims may be included in a Yasmin Lawsuit as a result of the off label marketing Bayer has already been cited for.

The Next Step in filing your Yasmin Lawsuit

If you have not already retained a Yasmin Lawyer to file your Yasmin Lawsuit, the next step you need to take is to contact Best Legal Source so that we can arrange a free consultation with an experienced Yasmin Lawyer. There are a very limited number of lawyers that have experience with the Yasmin Lawsuit. It is vital that your legal representation in your Yasmin Lawsuit be experienced and knowledgeable about the case and have the resources necessary to face a giant Pharmaceutical Company like Bayer. The next step in your road to recovery is to contact Best Legal Source at our toll free number or by using the contact form on this page.

How long do I have to file my Yasmin Lawsuit?

The length of time you have to file your Yasmin Lawsuit is a question that is best answered by

The Yasmin Lawyer Best Legal Source will connect you with. Different States have different time limits for filing any lawsuit and the issue of time limits for lawsuits is very complex. The one thing that can be stated without reservation is that the clock is ticking on the time limit to file your Yasmin Lawsuit and waiting to get in touch with a Yasmin Lawyer to get the process started is not wise. Your Yasmin Lawyer needs as much time as possible to prepare your Yasmin Lawsuit in order to get you the best possible settlement or judgement.

Yasmin Lawsuit and Settlement Amounts

Your Yasmin Lawyer can have general discussions with you about settlement amounts. The truth of the matter is that no one can tell you for sure how much your settlement or judgement will be until that settlement or judgment is reached. The amount of each Yasmin Lawsuit plaintiffs judgement or settlement.

Bayer has announced to its stockholders that it intends to settle as many of the lawsuits as it can and from the Yasmin Lawsuit Settlements Bayer has already paid out, the average Yasmin Lawsuit Settlement Amounts have been around $218,000.00 dollars. The settlement amount in any given Yasmin Lawsuit may however be less or much more than the average depending on the severity of injury to the plaintiff and to no small extent, the quality of their legal representation.

Yasmin Lawsuit and Blood Clot Issues

The most common Yasmin Side Effects that are the subject of the current lawsuit are related to blood clots. Blood Clots can cause strokes, deep vein thrombosis, heart attacks, pulmonary embolisms as well as many other injuries that can be life altering or even fatal. Bayer failed to warn the public that these complications could result from using Yasmin, therefore many Yamin Lawsuits will include a Failure to Warn claim along with any additional claims brought by the Plaintiff in there Yasmin Lawsuit.

Will it cost me anything to file a Yasmin Lawsuit?

The services of Best Legal Source are free to the public and we only work with experienced Yasmin Lawyers that accept Yasmin Lawsuit clients on a fee contingency basis. This means you pay nothing up front and the Yasmin Lawyer only collects legal fees if he wins your case, based on the amount of the settlement of judgment the Yasmin Lawyer gets for you.

Getting the process started towards filing your Yasmin Lawsuit is easy. Simply contact Best Legal Source and we will guide you through the process of finding the right lawyer to represent you in your Yasmin Lawsuit.

The Terms Yasmin Lawsuit and Yasmin Lawyer

Best Legal Source is in no way affiliated with Bayer, the maker of Yasmin and the trademark holder of the brand name “Yasmin.” The use of words like Yasmin Lawsuit, Yasmin Lawyers, Yasmin Lawsuits and other similar terms on this website are for descriptive purposes only and in to way indicate any association between Best Legal Source and Bayer. Check back often for more Yasmin Lawsuit Updates.

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